Cambia Health Solutions

Mobile-First User Experience

Human Problem: People with healthcare insurance wanted access to their benefits on a wider range of devices including mobile phones and tablets.

In order to meet the needs of users, I designed the screens to be responsive, which required re-organizing and prioritizing content into manageable chunks so it was legible in the mobile space.

I reinforced the brands with an improved user experience by using clean type, flat color and generous white space. Since Cambia Health Solutions owned three distinct brands; Asuris, Bridgespan Health and Regence, branding played a primary role in design consistency.



Bridgespan Health


These screen designs were used in Invision-based prototypes which informed engineers, account managers and stakeholders, and eventually tested with users.

User testing was conducted routinely by a dedicated user research, who I supported with wireframes, screen designs and prototypes. Sometimes the staging server was also used for testing. I revised the UX solution based on the findings which had to be prioritized based on the deployment schedule.



Bridgespan Health and Regence


The mobile first user experience was deployed for all three brands. I don’t recall the exact metrics but remember that our efforts had a positive impact on traffic now that the experience was optimized for mobile and tablet as well as desktop. It put us in a great position to iterate and make the experience even better.

My Role

  • Design Research
  • Prototyping
  • User Testing Support
  • Visual Design
  • Wireframes

Collaboration Partners

  • Account Manager
  • Copywriters (2)
  • Design Managers (2)
  • Designers + Me (3)
  • Designer
  • Engineering Lead
  • Engineers (4)
  • Front End Engineers(3)
  • User Researcher


  • Adobe
  • Invision
  • Visio


  • 18 Months (2014-2015)