My first position at The Regence Group (now Cambia Health Solutions) was Sr. Web Interface Designer where my primary responsibilities were wireframing, UI design and front-end development. This body of work highlights how I improved the member portal (now decommissioned) known as

Emergency Room Alternatives


This project was an opportunity to educate members about Emergency Room alternatives, which are urgent care facilities that typically provide care with little to no wait time and at less cost than Emergency Rooms. A 'canned' search for Emergency Room alternative clinics was also developed in our Provider Search.



This was the first overhaul of the Benefits section during my career at Regence. The first row shows how I enhanced the Benefits experience and the second row shows what it looked like beforehand. It is a constant challenge to improve the user experience in the healthcare insurance industry because much of the copy is legally required to display to members.


Go Paperless


'Go Paperless' was an successful project because it resulted in saving Cambia millions of dollars in printing costs. Initially going paperless was optional for members but eventually it became mandatory. Today the member is automatically enrolled in paperless statements but they do have the option to request statements by mail.

Individual Billing


This project was Regence's first home grown solution for online bill pay.

Various user-interface designs


Creating new UI designs that were consistent with the brand was my main contribution in the early years at Regence.